HM3 is a project led by San Diego bassist Harley Magsino and joined by Joshua White on keys and Charles Weller on drums. This project features all original music that explores the different layers of groove-based/back-beat oriented music.  The compositions borrow styles ranging from 90′s hip-hop/R&B, neo-soul, rock, gospel, D&B, techno, dubstep, trip-hop, funk, etc. In conjunction with jazz improvisational element, the trio plays each composition with creative freedom yielding tonal and rhythmic lift but still adhering to the concept of the groove.


Tori Roze & the Hot Mess – “If you combined the music of Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, and Janis Joplin, you would acquire what our sound is. We like to put some stank on it, bottom line,” Roze says of their fearless musical style. Their edge being that of heart-driven souls mixed with the nitty gritty truth, Tori Roze and The Hot Mess are sure to leave you with a sense of relative human connection and an original style that is absolutely unforgettable.


Ensemble Off and On – Guitarist Nate Jarrell, drummer Jeanette Kangas, and bassist Harley Magsino started Ensemble Off and On with the vision to push musical boundaries and provide a creative outlet for their original compositions and arrangements. While all three musicians come from a jazz background and that influence can clearly be heard in their music, there are also many other influences and elements present that create a style that can at times defy classification. Their new recording features original music along with arrangements of tunes by such diverse artists as Sun Ra, Jimi Hendrix, Ornette Coleman, and Frank Kimbrough. The liner notes to the new recording, written by Pianist and Educator Rick Helzer, provide an excellent glimpse into the diverse music on this disc.


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Hectic Watermelon is a “Post-Zappa Commando-Fusion” band from Southern California comprised of John Czajkowski on guitars, Darren DeBree on drums, and Harley Magsino on bass. The legendary electric violin fusion pioneer, Jerry Goodman, joins the lineup on 9 of the 11 tracks on the band’s debut album, The Great American Road Trip.

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